11 August 2017

An Exciting New Project…

At Nurtured in Norfolk we are always keen to invite chef’s down to visit our nurseries, where they get a ‘taste tour’ of our produce.

It is always amusing to see how they are so much like a kid in a sweetshop, being overwhelmed by our range of produce, as well as the unique taste, textures and versatility of our products to. However, we don’t just have keen, excitable chefs visiting here, we also welcome eager and devoted gardeners!

Since Ellen Mary’s last visit with Mustard TV back in 2015, we have changed a lot, from growth in staffing and produce, to expanding in acres with our nurseries, we were certainly excited to have Ellen back.

Although this time she brought company, the self-confessed ‘Mr Plant Geek’, Michael Perry, and ‘The Skinny Jean Gardener’, Lee Connolly, both with TV appearances such as This Morning, Blue Peter and Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube under their belt, it was great to be able to show them both around.

The threesome seemed overwhelmed by the size of the site on their arrival and Ellen couldn’t believe how much the nursery had expanded. While we took the three for a guided tour, their enthusiasm grew and the tasting began!

Just some of the produce they were most amazed by was our Chilli Leaf, enjoying the unique spice flavouring, our citrus flavoured Begonia’s, the vast range included in our Selection Wheels and Premium Mix Flowers and they even tried a Buzz Button, ouch!

The three visited our nursery to do some filming for their new show which will be out later this year, it is said to be a new, refreshing take on gardening which they hope will be more relatable, personal and down to earth! Michael Perry said the nursery was ‘inspirational’ as he chomped on some of our edible flowers.

We hope to work with the team again in the near future and we wish them all the best of luck with their new show and can’t wait to see the nursey in all its glory!