29 August 2019
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Baby Courgettes – Daisy Picks

We bring you ‘Daisy Picks‘ where our head of customer relations & accounts will choose her favourite product and share with you all why she thinks it’s a must have in the kitchen and what she would pair it with.

Daisy is always up to date with all of our latest products here at Nurtured in Norfolk and here she tells you why her favourite product this week is baby courgettes

“These are a mild, peppery flavour that is also quite mellow. They are part of the zucchini family and picked at a younger stage of growth, making their appearance really small and cute”

Daisy went on to talk about how you could use the baby courgettes in your culinary preparations…

“They are best sautéed into a stir fry, spiralled into courgetti spaghetti for a vegan option, or then can be grated and fried into a healthy fritter”

Baby courgettes flavour is peppery and complex with grassy undertones.Cooking will mellow the flavour, but will make them more tender.
Baby courgettes can be boiled, steamed, baked, sautéed, pickled, deep-fried, braised, grilled, roasted or eaten raw.
Add raw slices to salads or a substitute for pasta. they also pair very well with other summer vegetables, meats and cheeses.


Daisy’s Top Hacks…

  • Make baby courgette coins by using a mandolin or making cuts across the courgette with a knife.
  • Create thin ribbons of courgettes by using a vegetable peeler.
  • Shredded courgette is excellent for using in baked goods like courgette bread & cakes, by using a box grater.
  • If you have a spiralised, there’s no need to peel the courgette before making ‘courgetti spaghetti‘ but it helps to trim the ends.
  • Eat well for less, with a quick, delicious & money friendly courgette lemon pancakes.
  • Change the chip game, with the perfect snack for any occasion. Very simple and super tasty courgette chips with an array of flavourful dips.


Did you know…

Baby courgettes have a very-high water content and is more than 95% water by weight, making them very low in calories. It also contains vitamin A & C, as well as potassium, magnesium and folic acid.


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