15 October 2018
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Be the Next Trendsetter in Superfood Cuisine

Why fresh is best

Here at Nurtured in Norfolk we know the power of fresh, it tastes better, looks better, smells better and turns every dish into a unique culinary piece of art. Every leaf shade and shape is varied, in the most subtle and beautiful ways. We insist on growing our produce in real soil, so the mineral content, the depths of colour and the concentrations of nutrients are as unique and health giving as nature designed them to be. The genes of plants need a natural environment to express the themselves in their most characterful and unique way and we love providing our customers with nature’s best art in food form!

Our produce supercharges every meal it is added to, both in its capacity to improve the sensory experience available through food and also in packing a nutritional punch. Recently we began looking into the power of nutrition in food and a member of our family introduced us to Spirulina, in its fresh raw form. We were more than a little curious as to how this fresh nutrient dense food could be used and found that in its raw form it imparts an incredibly deep blue/green colour to foods and juices. We were also astounded to discover that it packs the most concentrated source of nutrition available on the planet!

So what have we discovered about raw fresh Spirulina and why we are now raving about it?

Well in its raw state it contains large quantities of a pigment compound called Phycocyanin, this molecule is a super powerful anti-oxidant that supports the major detoxification pathways in the body and has shown potential as an anti-cancer compound that can also slow aging, protect the eyes, brain and blood vessel linings from degenerative conditions and increase fat burning during exercise. Also only to be found in the raw state are generous doses of the rare essential fatty acid, known as Gamma Linoleic acid which supports nerve, brain, eye, skin and hormonal health, amongst many other functions. Spirulina also contains a fantastic combination of vitamins, protein, essential fatty acids including omega 3’s, mega powerful anti-oxidant compounds as well as other adaptogenic compounds that support health such as an insulin like proteins.

NASA feed it to their astronauts, it has been called the food of the future and it is destined to outshine all other Superfoods hands down.

If you consume Spirulina in its dried form you miss out on many of the benefits discussed above. We know from our experience with herbs that drying a product is never the same as making it available fresh and raw! Drying leads to the loss of most of the volatile health giving compounds, which affects nutrient levels, flavour, and colour whilst also causing the loss of many key benefits to the consumer.

We firmly believe that consuming food as Nature makes it, fresh raw and alive is THE way to go.

If you want an interesting blue-green twist to your culinary colour palette, or you are just looking for ways to amp up the nutritional levels of your food creations Spirulina really delivers above and beyond. Order on this website www.purefoodsfresh.co.uk and be prepared to be the next trend setter in superfood based cuisine.


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