15 January 2017

Daisy Picks – Oca Potatoes

Every fortnight we bring you ‘Daisy Picks‘ where our head of customer relations & accounts will choose her favourite product and share with you all why she thinks it’s a must have in the kitchen and what she would pair it with.

Daisy is always up to date with all of our products here at Nurtured in Norfolk and went on to say..

Oca’s are in full swing at the moment and will be available for the next 4 weeks, so make sure you grab yours for veganuary”

Daisy explains why Oca Potato is her favourite product this season:

“I like mine grated into salad or sliced thinly and fried with seasoning and a great dip like hummus”

Some other tasty ways to use this versatile baby veg would be to roast or boil and then mashed, to make an excellent side dish. Sliced and cooked they can be used instead of potato in warm or cold salads and soups, stews and curries to add substance or texture. Oca can be consumed in many applications such as roasting, baking, boiling, steaming, frying or raw.


Daisy’s Top Hacks…

  • Make sweet oca potato crisps by slicing them on a mandolin and microwaving them for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Make croutons by chopping oca potatoes into extra-small cubes and roast them for an extra few minutes.
  • When the oca’s are tender, dump out the water they are cooked in, return the drained potatoes, and heat them for another minute for extra fluffy mash.
  • Make oca potato gnocchi using a mix of mashed oca potatoes and flour.
  • Slice or grate raw oca without peeling and add to salads and sandwiches, or pickled as a condiment.
  • Forget cucumber! All you need to feel refreshed is a mask of sliced raw oca potatoes. Put them on your eyes to reduce redness and fade away dark circles.
  • Fry up oca potato and use them as an ingredient to add a sweeter taste and texture.

Read more about these hacks & recipes here.


Did you know…

Oca potato is a good source of fibre, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin C, amino acids, and iron. It also contains some phosphorus.

Oca Potato is available December-April at Nurtured in Norfolk for a weight of 1kg. We nurture and supply the highest quality edible leaves to all of our customers, top chefs and restaurants.

Oca’s pair well with honey, balsamic vinegar, brussel sprouts, garlic, shallots, thyme, parmesan cheese, capers and pickles.

The Oca, botanically classified as Oxalis Tuberosa, is a member of the Oxalidaceae family along with rhubarb, spinach, sorrel and garlic.


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