7 May 2021
Nurtured News

Edible Flowers for Cake Decorating

Using Edible flowers for cake decorating has grown in popularity, and is no longer just for professional chefs and bakers.

On Instagram, we’ve spotted no end of stunning cakes and baked goods decorated with our edible flowers. Our flowers vary in size and colour, making them great for any bake. Whether you need a pressed mini viola to top a cakesicle, or a larger calendula for a wedding cake, we’ve got the choice, and our customers have the imagination!

Although, scrolling through endless gorgeous bakes, its sometimes difficult to know where to start! If you’ve never used edible flowers for cakes, do not fear. We’ve spoken with beautiful bake artist Katie from Moonbow Bakery to give you some top tips for using edible flowers to decorate cakes. Check out what Katie had to say about our flowers below.


Why Choose Edible Flowers?

The most important thing to remember when adding fresh flowers to a cake is to ensure the flowers you choose are food-safe. It’s not as simple as grabbing a bouquet and going wild!  The easiest way to avoid any problems is to use edible flowers, which are grown specifically for culinary use.

When I get a box of edible flowers from Nurtured in Norfolk, it means I can happily apply the flowers to my cakes without needing to worry about preparing them in any special way. All I need to do is gently wash and dry the flowers and check for any small insects. The fact they are food-safe also means they are great for decorating cupcakes. Smaller more delicate varieties can just be placed directly on top of the buttercream.

Colours and Textures

The variety of edible flowers available is incredible, from delicate violas to show-stopping roses.

My favourite thing to do is to use a variety of sizes and shapes. I use larger blooms to create drama and tuck the smaller ones around them, along with some berries. I also love to take individual petals. These can be scattered across the top of the cake, or in a crown around the edge. It is so exciting to see all the colours and textures coming together and creating something so vibrant and beautiful! The great thing about Nurtured In Norfolk’s selection is that you can choose a selection box or wheel. This means you will receive a variety of flowers, or you can select individual varieties to create a specific effect or colour scheme. I love the natural variation in the flowers, so every cake I make will be a little bit different!


Edible flowers will keep for a few days in the fridge, but once they have been put on a cake they can begin to wilt quite quickly, particularly some of the smaller flowers.

Therefore, it is best to apply the flowers as close as possible to the time that the cake will be displayed. This will ensure they look fresh and beautiful! Edible flowers can also be dried or pressed to increase their longevity and to create a different effect. I reach for dried petals most often in the colder months when some of my favourite fresh varieties are out of season. Pressing flowers is a wonderful way to preserve them and the results can be so beautiful. I haven’t had the opportunity to use pressed flowers on many cakes yet, but I have seen some incredible cakes from other bakers where the tiers are covered in pressed edible flowers, which looks absolutely stunning.

If you liked hearing from Katie and seeing her bakes, connect with her via Instagram, for you cake fix!


Yet to try our Edible Flowers?

If you are yet to try our flowers, we recommend starting with our Edible Flowers for Cakes, or Selection Wheel. This will give you a little of (nearly!) everything to try.

Our edible flowers can be used to decorate all sorts of cakes. Our pressed edible flowers work well when pushed into buttercream cakes. These may be used to totally cover the cake, or to create a floral landscape. If you prefer a more ‘natural’ bake, our flowers work well on Naked Cakes. When you have your stack of sponges, sandwiched with buttercream, simply layer our flowers on each tier. Mix it up with large and small flowers. Scatter the flowers on each layer, pushing the smaller flowers in the buttercream.

The possibilities are endless with edible flowers and cakes. Inspire us by tagging us in your bakes and culinary creations on social media.