5 September 2018
The Nurtured Way

Great British Menu 2018 Chefs – Scott Goss, London and South East

Meet the Great British Menu 2018 chefs from London and South East: Scott Goss

This year Scott Goss takes on Selin Kiazim and James Cochran to make it through to the Great British Menu 2018 banquet which is celebrating 70 years of the NHS. This year’s brief is to create celebratory and heartfelt dishes in tribute to the heroic staff of the National Health Service.

Scott Goss is a Kent lad, who’s family are from Dartmouth, Devon, always being around great ingredients and home cooked food. Scott’s career started in the kitchen straight after finishing school, with 2 years in college, he then decided to travel to London and started working behind the pass in some brilliant but very tough kitchens. Scott, is now chef patron of The Twenty Six test kitchen and Creative Director of the I’ll Be Mother Group. The restaurant in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, has twenty six chairs for twenty six people and ‘every day is a blank canvas and a changing menu’.


What was the reason in taking part on the Great British Menu?

I decided to take part in the competition to really showcase my love and passion of the Kent countryside & produce.


Is there a way to handle the criticism from the judges?

The way to handle the criticism is to understand that everyone is allowed an opinion, but it doesn’t always mean you have to agree with it.


What is the atmosphere like in the kitchen cooking alongside 2 other chefs?

The atmosphere was great in the kitchen, we got along really well and I believe that really come across in the show.


This year’s theme is celebrating the 70thanniversary of the NHS – What is your approach to the imagination & creation of your dishes?

My approach on the brief was to take my favourite, humble & comfort dishes – tea & biscuits, fish pie, pork and crackling and gypsy tart. And to make sure to deliver them in a slightly unexpected way.


What is your greatest accomplishment during your time on the Great British Menu?

My greatest accomplishment… I’m not too sure, I just went on the show knowing that I was cooking my way and that’s what I love to do.


Would you take part again if the opportunity was to come around & would there be anything you would change?

Knowing what I know now, from being part of the show, I guess there is a part of me that would definitely give The Great British Menu another shot.