Halloween Range of Edible Flowers
5 October 2022
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Halloween Baking with Edible Flowers

The spooky season of Halloween is fast approaching, and we are here to help your culinary creations come to life (literally)!

We love to create seasonal products for our customers to experiment with, and this October we’ve created a wide selection for you to choose from.

From Halloween themed edible pressed flowers and dried edible flower petals to a Halloween inspired fresh edible flower & leaf wheel! All of these edible flower mixes can be used in a variety of dishes, and we’ve got lots of ideas to share with you all to lure out your spooky side.

Halloween Fresh Edible Flower Selection Wheel Halloween Fresh Edible Flower Selection Wheel

Halloween Edible Flower & Leaf Wheel

This is the ultimate way to decorate any themed culinary creation, with a selection of 7 frightening varieties of fresh edible flowers, the possibilities are endless! Not only can this flower wheel be used to decorate cakes, but it can also be used to elevate drinks too! The flowers come in a variation of different sizes and can be used whole, or the petals can be used individually – depending on the size of your creation.

The larger edible flowers in this wheel can be placed on spooktacular cakes alongside our ghostly edible leaves. The fresh flowers in this mix can even be added into ice cubes to create your own unique spin on a traditional creepy cocktail – how fun does that sound?! This is something that the whole family can get involved in and it’s something that everyone is sure to remember.


Halloween Pressed Edible Flowers Halloween Pressed Edible Flowers

Halloween Pressed Edible Flowers For Cakes

This pressed edible flower assortment is just what you need to decorate your creepy cupcakes and bloodcurdling brownies. Our pressed flower mix is created with a mixture of the brightest flowers available on the day. Pressed edible flowers can also be used to decorate savoury treats too, including garnishing grazing platters, main courses, starters and many more. They have a very subtle taste, so they can be used to decorate bakes without altering the taste.


Skull Cheese Board

Here we have a delicious and eye-catching recipe to share that the super talented India from @stargrazingco has created. This recipe is sure to wow everyone at a themed Day of the Dead Halloween party and only uses 2 ingredients!


  • Goats Cheese (3 Packets)
  • Halloween Fresh Edible Flowers & Leaves (Nurtured in Norfolk)
  • Halloween Dried Edible Flowers (Nurtured in Norfolk)
  • Halloween Pressed Edible Flowers (Nurtured in Norfolk)
Halloween Goats Cheese Board with Edible Flowers Halloween Goats Cheese Board with Edible Flowers


  • Open your packets of goats cheese & combine into a large ball shape
  • Mould the goats cheese into a skull shape (use a knife or the end of the spoon to create the teeth)
  • Use inspiration from the Day of the Dead to decorate your skull using Nurtured in Norfolk’s Halloween pressed, dried & fresh edible flowers & leaves

YUMMY! Can you believe you can make this our of only two ingredients?! It can be enjoyed at parties or even eaten at dinner with your family. Enjoy it spread over bread, crackers and rice cakes. If you’re attending an event with a ‘Day of the Dead’ theme, this is exactly what you need to stand out, it’s bright, colourful, and delectable!

Halloween Calendula Dusting Powder

Halloween Dusting Powder

Another one of our unnerving Halloween products is our calendula dust. This flower dust is a vibrant orange colour and can be added to lots of themed dishes. Whether it’s sweet or savoury meal, this edible flower powder can elevate a variety of edible creations. With a mild honey and warm spiced aroma, our calendula dust can be infused into jams and syrups to add an orange vibrancy, and even added to sauces. In addition our dusting powders can also be added to icing sugar and floral water to create a thick, orange toned icing – which can be used on large cakes as well as cupcakes.


Halloween Dried Edible Flower Petals

Halloween Dried Edible Flowers

Our dried halloween flower petals come in a selection of different colour themes including, orange, dark purple, black, and a mixture of all 3. Our orange hue mix is made up of dried Tagete edible flowers and can be used to add a pop of colour to cocktails, grazing platters and desserts. Our midnight mix is an assortment of blue, purple and black dried cornflower petals. Our cornflower dried flower mix can be used similar to confetti and sprinkled atop of cakes and bakes, alternatively, it can be used to enhance cheesecakes, ice creams and sorbets. Lastly, our mixed petals contains a selection of halloween colours and a variations of our dried edible flower petals. This is a very unique mix and can be used to sprinkle atop of cakes and bakes and even added into dishes for a unique texture and added flair.

Halloween Edible Bark with Edible Flowers

Halloween baking doesn’t have to be all red and black food colouring! Why not try a very beautiful halloween creation – with edible flowers of course!

This Halloween, we’ve teamed up with chefs and bakers for Halloween Recipe #takeovers. This week, the incredibly insta-worthy feed of @whipandwhiskcakery has shared her recipe for Halloween Edible Bark.

Using our Halloween Mixed Flower punnet, @whipandwhiskycakery has made the most tempting choccy cake decoration – or treat on its own!

Follow her simple how-to below.


  • White Chocolate (150g)
  • Halloween Sprinkles
  • Edible Glitter
  • Halloween Fresh Edible Flowers (Nurtured in Norfolk)
  • Halloween Pressed Edible Flowers (Nurtured in Norfolk)
  • Halloween Dried Edible Flowers (Nurtured in Norfolk)
  • Freeze Dried Fruit (Additional Toppings)
  • Mixed Nuts (Additional Toppings)
  • Chocolate Chips (Additional Toppings)
Halloween Dessert Bark with Edible Flowers Halloween Dessert Bark with Edible Flowers


  • Gently wash your fresh edible flowers and carefully dry with a paper towel
  • Melt the chocolate over a bain marie and allow to cool slightly
  • Smooth out your melted chocolate over greaseproof paper to approximately half a centimetre thick with a large pallet knife
  • Once Smooth, carefully place you fresh and pressed edible flowers on top, spreading evenly all over
  • Sprinkle your chosen toppings and dried edible flowers in gaps – you can add as little or as many as you would like!
  • Add your sprinkles – you can place them neatly or go mad and throw them on!
  • With a food–safe brush, dip into the edible glitter and tap over the bark to add the perfect, sparkling finishing touch
  • Place the chocolate on a chopping board to keep flat and put in the fridge until the chocolate has set
  • Once set, use a sharp knife, and cut into sections. The chocolate will break up and you’ll be left with yummy Halloween edible bark

You can add this bark to your favourite dishes or enjoy it by itself as a lovely rich Halloween treat. Instead of chocolate, @whipandwhiskcakery suggest that you can use yoghurt to make your bark. In addition, if you wanted to add some unique flavours into your bark, our Halloween shiso dust could be sprinkled atop or added to the chocolate during the melting process.

To give the recipe a go yourself, you can shop our Seasonal Flower Selection Wheel here. Be sure to tag @Whipandwhiskycakery and @NurturedinNorfolk in your creations!

Baby Orange Carrots

Orange Baby Carrots

One of our Halloween products that is commonly only used in savoury dishes in our orange baby carrots. These withhold a gruesome orange shade; however they do contain a succulent sweet carrot flavour. They can be added to startling stews, spine-spiking soups, creepy curries and many more! Baby carrots range in size from 2 to 4 inches in length and add a perfect crisp texture into any dish.


Pressed Nasturtium Edible Flowers Pressed Nasturtium Edible Flowers

Nasturtium Pressed Edible Flowers

Our nasturtium edible flowers have a powerful orange and red colour. Its strong peppery taste is often used in meaty dishes and sinister salads, as well as spooktacular savoury dishes. Did you know? You can also shop pressed nasturtium edible flowers too.

If you recreate any of the recipes above, we’d love to see the results! Even if you’ve created something entirely new using our Halloween edible flowers – please send us a message via Instagram or email us at info@nurturedinnorfolk.co.uk

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