13 May 2021
Nurtured News

Micro Cress is Returning to Restaurant Cooking

Restaurants are coming back, and so is micro cress!

With hospitality set to reopen for indoor dining on Monday, we’re getting our greenhouses prepped and ready. Like many others in the hospitality industry, we’ve been awaiting this day for months!

If you’re yet to try our micro greens, or you’re using them again for the first time in months, fear not! We’ve got all the reasons you need micro herbs on your menus.

First things first, why choose Nurtured in Norfolk?

At Nurtured in Norfolk, we grow all our micro cress naturally and in soil. Flavour is the top priority for us at Nurtured, and growing in soil guarantees that punch of flavour. Growing in soil ensures all the essential oils and nutrients are locked into the micro green, giving them such an impactful flavour for such a small garnish.

Not only do we keep things fresh using soil, but we also avoid any unnatural hydrochloric lighting. Our micro greens are not force grown at all. Instead, they are individually nurtured in our greenhouses. We regulate the temperature naturally – opening windows in the heat, and pulling shutters closed in the cold.

Allowing our micro herbs to grow naturally ensures their longer shelf life. If kept sealed and in the fridge, our micro greens will last 5 days. This means, you could have a weeks worth of service, with just one batch of our micros.

More than just a pretty face

Growing our micro herbs naturally means they are more than just a decorative addition to the plate. Our micros possess rich flavour, but they are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants.  Nurtured in Norfolk micro cress is high in vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, and K. Micro greens such as Coriander (Cilantro) also have three times the amount of Betacarotene compared to the mature Coriander herb plant.

Check out a few of our bestsellers

If you want to give our micros a go for the first time, or you’re wanting to try something new, check out some of our best sellers bellow.

AmaranthMicro Amaranth cress is massively popular here at Nurtured. With vibrant colours, this micro cress is likely to win anyone over. The flavours of Amaranth are more muted and delicate, with just hints of earthy beet. The earthiness from this little micro herb makes it perfect for savoury dishes and canapés. Although, it also works well as a garnish for sweet chocolate desserts.

Lemon Balm – Also called Melissa, this micro green has strong citrus flavours. With small jagged leaves, Lemon Balm adds an attractive garnish to all sorts of desserts, from fruity ice creams to chocolatey mousses.

Basil – A popular classic, Basil micro cress keeps its distinct flavour, although is slightly milder and sweeter than the classic Basil herb. Micro Basil is best used as a garnish. Try pairing this flavoursome little leaf with mozzarella starters, as a salad garnish or to top strawberry desserts.

Did you know?

We can also grow micros totally bespoke. If you have a specification for your micro greens, slightly different to ours, fear not. If you speak with a member of our team on 01362 760760, or drop us a message on social media, we can see what we can do! As a rough guide, our micro greens take 3 weeks to grow to the size of our specification. Although, if you want yours a little smaller (or a smidge bigger!), our team would be more than happy to help make your dish perfect.

If you’re ordering your goodies online ahead of reopening, you can order before 1pm Monday – Friday for next day delivery. Alternatively, the cut off for London wholesale orders in time for Monday is 12-noon on Sunday.

We wish everyone the best of luck for reopening on Monday. We can’t wait to see photos of more beautiful dishes, and busy restaurants! Be sure to tag us on Instagram.