27 January 2020
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Mizuna Micro Cress – Who, What, How?

Mizuna is todays focus!

In these weekly blogs, we will select our favourite product this week and discuss its variety of health benefits and uses. We will throw in some great recipes for you to try and some top tips and tricks.

Mizuna Micro Cress

Mizuna Micro Cress is a brassica. It belongs to the Asian Mustard Family and possesses a mustard spicy taste, although it is more mild in flavour compared to other mustard micro cresses. Mizuna is distinctive and its delicate heart-shaped green leaves make it the perfect garnish to a variety of dishes.

‘Mizuna’ translates directly to Water Grass. It is also often referred to as Japanese mustard greens, spider mustard, or konya.

Mizuna possesses lots of unknown health benefits. As a micro cress, mizuna is very nutrient dense. This means it is very low in calories compared to the health benefits it possesses. Its health benefits include; good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K, a good antioxidant, and good for the protection of eye health. As a good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K, this means it is great at looking after cell health, promoting wound healing, and keeping bones healthy. Vitamin C and Vitamin K both play a core role in promoting a healthy body and so the levels of vitamins in such a small micro makes mizuna a great garnish to add to your dishes. It’s antioxidant properties also helps to protect the bodies cells. This means it is a great micro cress for those needing an anti-inflammatory. This little micro also boasts antioxidants which promote eye health. The antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin present in mizuna help to protect your eyes and are even linked to a decreased risk of cataracts!

This micro cress is therefore a brilliant one to add to any of your culinary creations!


Let’s get stuck in with a few recipe ideas…


Turkey Sandwich with Cream Cheese and Mizuna

mizuna micro cress and turkey sandwichAlthough Steve Smith uses more mature mizuna leaves, the delicate micro cress would work equally as well on this recipe. Simply stack up your turkey, pecan nuts and celery on your cream cheese slathered bread. Then, toss your micro cress in your homemade dressing and stack generously on top.

This recipe makes for an easy lunch and can be mixed up with any meats and micros!

To try the recipe in full, click here.


Asian Noodles with Mizuna garnishMichael caine asian noodles

As Mizuna is historically an Asian cress, it is perfect to add to all of your stir fries and Asian cuisine to give that earthy punch of flavour. We recommend Michael Caines Asian-style aromatic vegetable broth with soft noodles, pak choi and shiitake mushrooms.  Michael Caines uses Thai Basil to garnish,  which also possesses a spicy flavour and compliments Asian cuisine very well.  Michael’s recipe is a great one to follow for a healthy mid-week dinner with a little flair.

Give it a go here and garnish to your hearts content!



Top Tips and Tricks – 

  • If you’re wanting a peppery kick but something a little different to rocket, swap it for mizuna
  • Leave your mizuna to grow until big leaves and use it as part of your fresh salad mix
  • Garnish your cheese boards with this micro to cut through the rich cheeses and add a colourful pop



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