18 December 2017

Parma ham, goats’ cheese and rocket canapés

Mary Berry recipe using nurtured in norfolk’s micro cress, edible flowers, edible leaves, herbs, sea veg, pea shoots and micro/baby veg.


  1. Lay each piece of Parma ham on a board, cut off any surplus fat and discard.

  2. Spread a good teaspoon of goats’ cheese over the end quarter. Season with salt and pepper. Take a small handful of rocket and lay on top, leaving some of the rocket sticking out of the ends. Lay one piece of cucumber on top.

  3. Roll the Parma ham up into a cigar shape and transfer to the fridge until needed.

  4. Slice each roll in half and arrange standing up on the cut side on a serving platter. Serve cold.


  • Parma ham (8 Slices)
  • Soft goats cheese (8-10 tsp)
  • Rocket (1 x 70g/2 1/2 oz bag)
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper (Seasoning)
  • Gherkins, quartered (8 Medium)