10 December 2020
Nurtured News

Pressed Edible Flowers are On the Menu!

Nurtured in Norfolk employee holding yellow and purple pressed Paradise edible flowers on white background

Pressed Edible Flowers (and leaves!) are here!

Throughout a turbulent 2020, at Nurtured in Norfolk, we’ve been trialling lots of different pressed edible flowers and pressed edible leaves. Having seen these grow in popularity (think insta-brownies and cocktails!), we wanted to supply our customers with an easy to use flower.

Lots of our customers press their own, but with our new range, we’re doing the hard work so you don’t have to! Currently, we have pressed pansy flowers, pressed viola flowers and pressed paradise flowers. As well as pressed lemon verbena leaves and a pressed mix! These are all available to shop online or in wholesale bulk. And the most exciting thing, this is just the start…

We are pressing more leaves, for example, pineapple sage leaves. As well as pineapple sage edible flowers and butterfly sorrel leaves.


What do you use pressed flowers and leaves for?

The possibilities are endless for pressed flowers and leaves as their shelf life is so long! Lasting 6 months outside the fridge, if you’ve just got one drink to garnish, that’s ok – you can store the rest until you need them!

Let’s get stuck into some ideas …

Cocktails and Mocktails! All our pressed flowers sit well on cold drinks. This means they’re a great alternative to fresh flowers for cocktails and drinks kits. ┬áThe edible flowers sit on top of the drinks without absorbing too much liquid. This means, they’ll stay floating, looking pretty until you’ve finished your drink!

Brownies and Biscuits! We’ve seen a growing trend for pressed flower brownies, and we’re loving it! You can place individual flowers or a mixture of our pressed flowers on your sweet treats.

All the Cakes! From cupcakes to wedding cakes, pressed flowers and leaves will sit flat on the side of cakes and the top. They’re even better as you can shop our pressed flowers a good few months in advance to ensure you have the exact number of flowers you’ll need for your creation!


Don’t forget dried…

Although we’re working hard on our pressed edible flowers and leaves, we haven’t forgotten about our dried flower range! This is continuing to expand and more recently, we’ve added dried amaranth pom poms to the collection. With over 16 dried edible flowers to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a colour and flavour to match your dish or drink!

Just like our pressed flowers and leaves, these have a 6 month shelf life and don’t need to be kept in the fridge. That means, if you’re wanting a sprinkle of each, you won’t need to worry about using them all up as they can be stored no problem!

Why not try our dried flowers on cocktails and mocktails, cakes, desserts and other sweet treats!