15 March 2018

Q & A with Rob Walls

How long have you been cooking and what made you decide to be a chef?

I have been cooking professionally now for 4 years. But have been cooking all my life, I have always had passion for food!


Can you talk us through your style of cooking?

I like to cook classical dishes that everybody knows and loves, with a slight twist. Food that reminds people of Home. Nothing too complex and technical but tastes and look great!


Which chef has influenced you most during your career?

I have taken influences from various chefs, but have always really looked to improve myself and not tried to follow one particular chefs work but take influences from many.


What are your favourite garnishes to use when plating up?

I like to vary garnishes for each dish. I love micro coriander and basil as they have such a great flavour and look great. And of course, pea shoots just look great too! For desserts, I am fond of lemon balm as it looks so good on the plate! The bright green really breaks up a dessert plate.


What is your favourite product to work with?

I know it’s expensive and I haven’t had much experience with it but I love working with truffles! I love the flavour they have, you can’t compare it to anything else! It works in so many dishes and has such a star quality.


What does the future hold for you as a chef, what is your ambition?

One day I’d like to run my own small place, where I can cook great food in a relaxed atmosphere while researching and experimenting with new ingredients