14 March 2018

Q & A with Scott Barnard

How long have you been cooking and what made you decide to be a chef?

16 years now. I’m bit of an old boy!

Always keen to cook as a kid. No romantic stories about baking with my nan I’m afraid.

Done the classic training at college. Pot washing in a pub. Then really fell in love with the industry


Can you talk us through your style of cooking?

I hate this question. My food is great seasonal produce that tastes good. Simple as that


Which chef has influenced you most during your career?

Russell Bateman as I worked with him for 8 years. Infectious passion and respect for produce


What are your favourite garnishes to use when plating up?

Nasturtiums I could eat them every day! Would be an expensive snack though!


What is your favourite product to work with?

Scallops or langoustines


What does the future hold for you as a chef, what is your ambition?

I’m really enjoying cooking at Crockers chefs table and being guest facing.  We are just about to relocate and have big plans for the business. So, let’s wait and see!

For me it’s about customers enjoying the experience and coming back. We have a guest who’s been every month in the last year. That’s better than any accolades. But a couple would be nice!