8 July 2021

Super Green Soup Recipe – Yes Peas!

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Super Green Soup is the summer recipe you need to try!

It’s Great British Pea Week this week, and we’re taking a look back at a lovely Super Green pea and veggie soup. This summer soup was created by Andie Lowe-Smith from The Cheshire Dining Experience. Packed with peas, herbs, and baby vegetables, and topped with fresh edible flowers and micro cress, this one is a must try!

Perfect for a summer starter, or a light lunch, its not only pea-leasing to the eye, but good for you too, as it uses only fresh veggies!

Super Green Soup



  1. Sweat the onions and leeks in the butter in a pan, until just translucent but so that the Baby Leeks do not lose their colour.
  2. Next, add the stock fluid and bring to the boil.
  3. Add the spring onions, peas, spinach, Nasturtium edible flowers, Baby Courgettes, Mint, Basil, and Parsley. Let this simmer until the veg is just soft. This will not take long! *Note* You want the soup to be done quickly, so it retains its colourful vibrancy and super fresh taste.  
  4. Once the veg is soft, put your soup into a thermos and blend on speed 10 for 5 minutes. Whilst this is going, get your garnish ready.
  5. After blending, season to taste.
  6. Pour your soup into a bowl and garnish!

If you’re recreating Andie’s Super Green Soup recipe, be sure to tag The Cheshire Dining Experience and Nurtured in Norfolk on social media. You can find out more about Andie Lowe-Smith, and try another of his recipes on his profile on The Nurtured Way.

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