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9 June 2022
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Top Tips to Celebrate Pride Month

Pride is now celebrated in lots of places around the world and is an occasion that brings everyone together. And anyone can celebrate pride too! It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bisexual, or unsure about your sexuality …everyone is welcome!

The very exciting month of June is now upon us. Here at Nurtured in Norfolk, we’ve lined up a special treat for you all! Firstly, let’s talk about why June is a special month. June is the annual ‘Pride Month’, a month that commemorates the Stonewall riots of 1968 in New York. This is when Pride really started to begin. Day of the Year quotes that before 1968 the concept of being gay was rarely spoken of or allowed to be expressed. Luckily, in today’s society the LGBTQ+ community are made to feel welcome and express their sexuality openly.

How can you get involved in all of the celebrations going on?

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If you really want to ‘go big’ this pride, why not celebrate pride in the Workplace. As GBT Speakers agency mentioned in their blog, Pride is a great and versatile way to get everyone involved and to take some time away from your actual work. Celebrating at work is also a super simple way to get everyone in one place, at the same time and without all of the pre-planning and hassle. There are many activities that can be organised for the occasion, one of these is a charity fundraiser. A fundraiser is an awesome way to bring the workforce together whilst making a positive impact for charities all over the UK. Fundraising for charities also is a great way to show your appreciation for all of the amazing work that charities do for the community. You could fundraise by taking part in or organising a variety of different events. This could be things like bake sales, fun competitions, BBQs, or anything that will bring people together. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Simple but effective is definitely the way to go!

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In Shutterfly’s article, they give away 10 ideas for celebrating Pride month.

One of those ideas that will help you get involved with all the festivities, is by hosting a Mini Pride Parade or Party. This is one way that you can get a range of different ages involved, as well as educating younger children as to why Pride is such an important event. This would also be the ideal time and place to show off your rainbow-themed array of delicious finger food and drinks – really show those neighbours that you mean business and that you’re not going to be outdone by anyone’s buffet this year. You can also make the dress-code pride themed and get the whole party looking as bright as possible, really bringing the party to life. If you wanted to jazz the celebration up, cocktails are the way to go! They are fun and can be made to any colour that you desire. This is your chance to experiment with what colours and flavours you want to create. Cocktails are rising in popularity at the moment and now is your opportunity to show that you can keep up with the trends. It’s also the perfect chance to be unique and stand out. Why not try adding some of our pressed edible flowers from our pride pressed edible flower mix atop of your cocktails, a unique twist on something traditional. Or even adding them alongside fresh fruit on a cocktail stick will get heads turning! Our edible flower and herb dusting powders can also be an addition to your cocktails. Enhancing the rim of your cocktail glass with the powder not only adds flavour but also pretty decoration and colour! What more could you want? This can also be done with other drinks too, like tea if that’s more your thing, oh and we can’t forget mocktails too. If your children really want to feel like part of the party, they need to feel like one of the grown-ups. Sipping elegantly presented mocktails out of their plastic beaker is definitely a game changer.

If you’re debating having a bake sale, wouldn’t a baking contest be a super fun addition to it?

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Why not try a mini bake-off competition. This would be entertaining, and a great way to involve your kids! Kids love something that they can get creative with, and this is the perfect occasion. If you’re looking to really stand out at this baking competition (even though it’s the taking part that counts) sometimes our competitive sides get the better of us. Our Pride Edible Flower Wheel is what you need! Each  section shines bright and vibrant, with a different colour of the rainbow. What else could you possibly need? Our rainbow coloured Edible Flower Wheel is set to effortlessly decorate any culinary creation that you come up with. Whether that’s a 3-tier rainbow cake smothered in vanilla buttercream, delicately decorated with elegant white roses. Or some gooey, chocolate brownies full of goodness, with some candied violas placed atop of it. The possibilities are endless and there are forever new ideas to be thought of. Some of the best chefs in the world come up with the craziest but brilliant ideas! One incredible chef that is also part of the LGBTQ+ community is Elizabeth Falkner. Elizabeth’s first job in a restaurant was washing the dishes, she worked her way up throughout the years and in 1997, she opened ‘citizen cake’. This was a desert café. Later in 2001, Elizabeth taught professional pastry courses in Japan- and went on to research American/European pastries for Barilla. Elizabeth has received many awards for her cooking a really shows that anything is possible. She is proof that with hard work and determination- anything is possible- that world of baking is a never-ending evolution.

Are you planning a party or attending a parade?

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If you’re looking to really push the boat out for pride this year, here is some of the best Pride festivals going on. A very well- known place for their fabulous pride celebration is Pride Brighton + Hove . It is said to deliver an unforgettable day of pride and has enjoyed performances from many singing legends, Britney Spears, Jessie J, Paloma Faith, and lots more! Brighton’s pride celebrations are held from the 5th-7th of August this year and you definitely don’t want to miss out! Pride in London are also celebrating on the 2nd of June this year, highlighting 50 years of pride in the UK. This is sure to be a massive event and huge crowds will show to celebrate Pride.

Another place that celebrates Pride to the full is Disneyland Paris! Their Pride festival is super loud, colourful, and enchantingly happy. Sounds brilliant to me! If you’re a queer Disney fan, Disneyland is the place to be.


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Hello Music Theory shares 15 of the greatest and most famous LGBTQ+ singers in an article they wrote, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a fab playlist to make!

Lots of singers are proud of their sexuality and talk about it openly and share their experiences with the public. This is to show people that they’re not alone. In 1976, the very famous singer, Elton John, publicly came out as bisexual and later on as gay. He urged young people that were struggling with their sexuality to be proud of themselves. This is what Pride is all about. Supporting one and another through hard times and not hiding who you are or who you want to be. These brilliant tracks will soon get the party started and everyone dancing. It’s also important to understand that Pride is something to celebrate and not put other people down for taking part in it. Understanding that everyone is different and special in their own way. Not everyone is going to like the same people, look the same or be attracted to the same gender – we’d all get in a little bit of a muddle if we did! June is a month meant for celebrating pride in who you are as an individual, it’s not all about blending in with the crowd.

History of Pride

Rainbow coloured flag for pride month Rainbow Pride Flag

Now, let’s talk about the very unique, rainbow flag. Parade mentioned lots of interesting facts in their blog about this special rainbow flag. It was designed in 1978 by artist and gay rights activist, Gilbert Baker. Baker was urged to make this this flag by gay rights leader, Harvey Milk. He wanted Baker to create a new and positive symbol that could represent the entire LGBTQ+ community. The rainbow flags were first flown at the 1978 ‘Gay Freedom Day’ and they were a massive success. After that everybody wanted a pride flag! The original flag contained 8 colours but was cut down into 6 to make production of them faster as the demand for them increased. Each colour of the flag has its own unique meaning. A blog written by Bustle explains in greater depth what the meanings are.

  • Red is to represent life
  • Orange stands for healing
  • Yellow signifies sunlight
  • Green symbolises nature
  • Blue denotes serenity and
  • Lilac stands for spirit

This is a truly brilliant idea, and there is so much more to it than just being a flag. It represents the whole LGBTQ+ community and why we are proud and honoured to stand behind it.