22 January 2019
Chef Profiles

Alex Carrillo

“I am a Sous Chef who has been working in a variety of kitchens in London in the past 9 years.

My family played a big part in my culinary journey. My parents divorced when I was a kid and I have such good memories of spending weekends with my dad cooking together. My grandma is also a great cook and growing up, I managed to incorporate my grandmas heritage into my Mediterranean background. My father used to travel a lot and he would also introduce me to exotic ingredients, which stimulated my interest in food.

At the age of 16 I started to work in a kitchen by chance and since then I have always known that I belong to the kitchen. After completing my apprenticeship in 2006, I worked in a number of Spanish restaurants before moving to London, which allowed me to open my culinary horizons.

I always believed that quality product is the first step to create great dishes. I always have been obsessed with exotic and not very known ingredients from around the world. At the same time, I am very conscious of the importance of working with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Nurtured in Norfolk is a provider of quality English products. Working with herbs and plants allows me to give a twist to more traditional dishes. By using quality herbs not only dishes become visually more attractive, but, more importantly, gain flavours and stimulate all your sense.”

Connect with Alex and discover more of his work at @chef_a.carrillo