25 September 2020
Chef Profiles

Sam Fisk

Hospitality Head Chef at Credit Suisse London for Baxter Storey.

Heading up all the corporate events, functions and private dining.

Cooking style: Classic cooking with modern execution. Sourcing only the best ingredients for me is key.

I have been using Nurtured in Norfolk for quite a few years. Their freshness and varieties are fantastic; pretty much cutting and shipping to order.

I’m an advocate for only using cresses and flowers when necessary for the dish I have created, not for just decoration, it must have a place.

The classic basil cress is a favourite of mine as it packs a punch and can really enhance a dish. Some of my other favourites: butterfly sorrel, fennel cress, nasturtium leaves, red vein sorrel.


To connect with Sam Fisk and discover more of his work, head to his Instagram page, Cheffisk.