5 December 2018
Chef Profiles

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones, Executive Chef and co-owner of Farmyard Restaurant, St. Benedict’s Street, Norwich and The Dial House, Reepham.

I grew up in Reepham and went to school in Norwich, after school I went to university before finding my vocation as a chef. I moved back to Norfolk with my wife Hannah in 2015 after 12 years of working in high-end London restaurants where I learnt my trade working for some of the industry’s most demanding Chefs including Richard Corrigan and Claude Bosi. We opened Farmyard in Jan 2017 and bought The Dial House in May 2018.

Nurtured In Norfolk’s products really fit with the way I cook. I don’t do garnish – I do flavour. For me, it’s not about chucking a load of micro-herbs on a plate to make it look nice but adding flavour and contrast to the dish. I’m always using Nurtured in Norfolk herbs in sweet dishes too; the huge range of Nurtured in Norfolk’s produce means there is always a flavour to highlight and accent a dessert. I think this stems from the fact that Allan and Sue were Chefs themselves and understand what Chefs want. Visiting the farm you get to see their passion for what they do which really shows in the final product.

Connect with Andrew and discover more of his work at @thedialhouse