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Nick Lowe

Nick Lowe

The Recruiting Sergeant

Nick Lowe is currently working for colchester inns helping them move forward and looking at new plans for the new year, which will be an amazing and iconic place back in the 90’s. It will showcase ingredients from a 25 mile radius and specialise in certain breeds of animals.

“My favourite dish is duck, and my favourite chef is Tom Kitchin. I believe less is more and he showcases the main ingredient on his plate, using the flavour to make sauces, he is a big family man and very classically trained and a real inspiration and ambassador for the culinary industry.”

“I love Nurtured in Norfolk and used their products for over 7-8 yrs now. The range gets better and better and they are consistently moving forward with the times with a real specialist product and a must have in the restaurant. I don’t think I’ve worked anywhere in the last 6 years who doesn’t use their produce.’

Connect with Nick and discover more of his work at @chef.lowe