5 December 2018
Chef Profiles

Darren Taylor

I’m a Welsh lad that grew up in Lincoln , I have been cooking for over 15 years starting in nice pubs then going to nice restaurants around Lincoln until I moved to the lake District to work for Simon Rogan for a year and a half at Rogan and company, which was an incredible learning experience. I move to New Zealand for 2 years working in various places travelling and an amazing Italian restaurant where everything was hand made. As a sous chef , I then lived in Australia where I helped set up a lovely restaurant and then found myself in my favourite job as a chef lecturer in an Australian college for foreign students and met and taught some incredible people. When I came back to Lincoln 3 years ago, I gained one rosette on the 1st day of my menu at The White Swan in scotter, since then I have worked in places doing temp work, until I decided to help my friends restaurant and have stayed there this past year, I have taken a role in a hotel in Anglesey, North Wales.

Connect with Darren and discover more of his work at @darren_taylor_chef