8 March 2019
Chef Profiles

Delia-Maria Asser

“I am a 28 year old police officer, born and bred in Basildon, Essex but now living in Kent with my partner, Christopher who is also a police officer. I was born to an English father and Spanish mother and therefore grew up travelling to Spain every year to visit family. I was brought up speaking fluent Spanish and this led me to love studying other languages. I studied French and German at secondary school and went on to attend Durham University where I specialised in Arabic, Spanish, Catalan and French. I decided I wanted to learn Arabic after visiting Palestine as a teenager and undertaking refugee work in Bethlehem. As a teenager and even now, I just wanted to bring a bit of happiness to the world – Smiling is the best!!! Everyone should do it more often.
I lived in Morocco for a year studying Arabic and absolutely loved it – the food was incredible and so cheap!! From a young age, I loved cooking. I learnt from my mother, watching her make all sorts of wonderful food and reflected this by making my sister gourmet packed lunches for school – she loved them!”
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