21 July 2020
Chef Profiles


Hello there! Thank for clicking on my profile from the list of great cooks on The Nurtured Way.

I’m Dhiren and food is my preferred expression of art. By day I’m a full time marketer and by evening and weekend is when I get creative with the help of Nurtured in Norfolk’s microherbs/edible flowers and become a passionate private chef who is located and based in London.

Originally from the West Midlands, I’ve grown up in an environment that has felt the destruction of industrial closure to the area. But we never cave in, and we learned to get back up and blossom through determination and regeneration projects making the West Midlands one of the most visited counties in the country.

As a result, I believe that everyone should be able to experience the finer things in life despite whatever situation they’re in. Hence the drive to deliver exquisite (with use of Nurtured’s products) and delicious food to people in their homes— this I would say is what separates me from others as I’m able to empathise with people’s culinary expectations.

A recent example was when I was booked to do a Valentine’s Day dinner for 8 people where Storm Dennis knocked out the power. I was forced to deliver 6 courses with only a gas stove and no electricity. Regardless of the challenging circumstances, my passion in only wanting to deliver my clients a memorable experience saw me through. Everyone loved the dinner and Nurtured’s edible flowers and microherbs escalated the dishes. When it came to dessert, the gods were on my side and the power came back on so that I could deliver chocolate fondants to perfection.

You can read about that particular dinner on the Reviews page of my website as well as seeing what I can offer as a private chef at www.dh1ren.com.

Thanks for reading and hope to see and hear from you soon.

Connect with Dhiren and discover more of his work on Instagram @Dhiren and @21stcenturycurryclub.