2 July 2018
Chef Profiles

Fabio Miani

Edible olive oil leaves used to decorate and garnish a colourful vegetable plate

Here at Le Bouchon we can describe our kitchen and ourselves as passionate and adventurous characters. In fact, every day we push ourselves to discover new dishes, new recipes and new flavours. I personally reflect a lot of me in most of my dishes, trying to give always that very natural but elegant final touch, sharp but fine at the same time and for sure always trying to impress our customers. Nurtured in Norfolk daily, give us exactly what are we looking for, with their best selection of micro cresses and hand-picked stunning edible flowers. I rely a lot on Nurtured in Norfolk and I always had, to supply me every day the very best products that can finally give to all my dishes that natural and sharp touch that everyone loves. Thanks, Nurtured in Norfolk for your fantastic job.

Connect with Fabio and discover more of his work @fabio1505