2 July 2018
Chef Profiles

James Mortimer

After finding Nurtured in Norfolk, I haven’t looked back, the work these guys put in is exemplary.

Visiting the site in the quiet little town of East Dereham, the heart of Norfolk is like travelling to a chef’s paradise, almost all you could ever ask for in terms of micro herbs and vegetables at your fingertips. The staff and owners are extremely knowledgable and passionate about creating and growing the things that give your dishes that edge and pop of flavour to create and enhance your final product.

On visiting the site I was asked if I had time to have a look round. One of the owners grabbed their Hi Vis and said let’s go, for me this was a sign of a truly passionate and proud person. After being led into the first greenhouse I was amazed, the shear amount of micro herbs were mesmerising. The colours and smells were divine, I was urged to taste as I walked round and this just set my creative mind flowing and bursting with ideas.

If I could sum up Nurtured in Norfolk all I could say is AMAZING. Keep doing what you do guys and if you haven’t been and seen the work these guys do or tried any produce I urge you to do so!

Connect with James Mortimer and discover more of his work at @chefjamesmortimer