2 July 2018
Chef Profiles

Jeremy Parke

Jeremy Parke – I am certainly still a ‘hands on’ head chef in our kitchen during service but now dedicate a lot of my ‘spare’ time to inspiring our chefs for the future, supporting schools, national competitions and apprentices as well as training my chefs in the kitchen to achieve their personal goals in the industry.

I have used Nurtured in Norfolk for quite a few years now and their fantastic micro herbs and flowers not only compliment our dishes and cocktails visually, but their great flavour gives an element of surprise to our guests and can really enhance existing flavours of our dishes. I recommend Nurtured in Norfolk as I am passionate about using local, Norfolk produce and the word ‘nurtured’ really sums up this suppliers ethos of nurturing and caring, giving a great fresh, quality product which is what we insist on at Season restaurant.

Connect with Jeremy Parke and discover more of his work at @seasoninwells