2 July 2018
Chef Profiles

Lettice Cary

Osyter leaf edible sea vegetable garnishing fish dish with dill

I work as a freelance private chef in the Home Counties, London and abroad. I am very lucky that my job is very varied – from a 5-course dinner for 20 people, canapés for 200, to family style cooking in the south of France. Having trained in Ballymoloe Cookery School with an emphasis on the best ingredients, I was very pleased to have discovered Nurtured in Norfolk. They are the best in the business and always provide super fresh produce of the highest quality. I often use the lovely edible flowers on canapés and puddings. Take a look on my website (www.foodbylettice.com) or my instagram (@bylettice) for more information and photos on my cooking!


Connect with Lettice Cary on her instagram page here.