18 October 2018
Chef Profiles

Luiz Hara

Luiz Hara is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, food and travel writer, who lives in London. He specializes in Japanese and Nikkei cuisines as a writer, public speaker, supper club host and cookery teacher. 

Luiz’s work has been featured in a number of British media including The Independent, The Evening Standard and The Guardian, as well as having written for Time Out London, BBC Good Food Channel and The Telegraph. Luiz is the author and founder of The London Foodie blog, founded in 2009 and regularly listed as one of the top 10 UK food blogs. 

Luiz is the UK authority on Nikkei cuisine, a hybrid of Japanese cooking created by Japanese migrants to South America. His first cookbook, ‘Nikkei Cuisine: Japanese Food the South American Way’, was published in 2015 in all English-speaking countries by Jacqui Small, and was subsequently translated into five languages and published in eight foreign editions to date. 

Connect with Luiz Hara and discover more of his work at http://www.luizhara.com or via his social media channels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.