4 August 2020
Chef Profiles

Luke Aston

My name is Luke Aston, I’m 21 and a CDP. I’ve been working in kitchens since I was 13, starting on pot wash to then helping on desserts in the restaurant my dad worked at the time, to then progressing to some of Birmingham’s best restaurants. I worked at Michelin starred Adams restaurant for two and a half years before leaving in December 2019. I would definitely say through working here I learnt my style of cooking, which is simple yet full of flavour.

I left Adams as the previous head chef Tom Shepherd has asked me to go with him as he opens his own restaurant hopefully later on this year. 

My favourites from Nurtured are definitely the micro veg, they’re always really fresh and full of flavour. As well as these, I love some of the micro herbs like Thai basil and Micro Coriander – always great for garnishing both sweet and savoury plates.