2 July 2018
Chef Profiles

Marcin Pomierny

My name is Marcin Pomierny, (known to his mates as Magic). I have worked at The Maids Head Hotel since 2013 and this 2018 will be my 5-year anniversary as Head Chef. Allan Miller used to be my Head Chef (2009) in The Georgian Townhouse, Norwich.

A few years later Allan invited me to have a look at what he had been working on and how he created ‘Nurtured in Norfolk’ and I was greatly impressed with his passion to grow and nurture his business. During an internship at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant (3 Michelin stars) I came across a range of Nurtured in Norfolk’s produce which I was honoured to be using. When I applied for ‘The Chef of the Year’ competition, Nurtured in Norfolk supported me throughout and kindly sponsored me with produce which I am always grateful for. I love Nurtured in Norfolk products because they are the ornament on the plate but before all complexity of the dish. They are the finishing touch to any creation and the best quality in the UK & Europe.

I often use:

nasturtium leaf, coriander leaf, pea shoot, sea lettuce, sakura cress, oyster leafs, premium mixed flowers, bronze fennel, buzz buttons, baby mint, chocolate mint, pineapple mint, turnips, carrots, beetroot, fennel, chives, dill, rosemary and thyme.

My favourite product would be the Buzz Button because it has an irresistible taste and works well with many of flavourings. I also am particularly fond of the nasturtium leaf as it has a nice peppery taste which I use for Beef or Venison dishes. The incredible micro cress range always amazes me with what I can create. Well Done Nurtured in Norfolk!

Connect with Marcin Pomierny and discover more of his work at @chefmagicpomierny