19 February 2020
Chef Profiles

Mason Wooltorton

As a chef, I’ve been using Nurtured in Norfolk products for many years now wherever I have worked. From fine dining to gastro pubs, they can always be used to accentuate any dish. Places where I have worked before, boss’s and head chefs were easily persuaded to use Nurtured in Norfolk with a little tester wheel they do with a small choice of their popular products. As people can have a stigma that these products are expensive. This is not the case with Nurtured in Norfolk as they are affordable but also go a long way and in actual fact make the dish itself look more vibrant in colour and another depth of flavour. All their products are at a high quality of standard: fresh, clean and bursting with flavour. Their products are very versatile with a wide range of choice. Whether it be garnishing starters, mains or desserts but also drinks. I find their Instagram, website and their newsletter very useful to have a picture and description of what it looks like and tastes like. It makes it easier to choose what products to use for a new dish. When I order them, they will be there the next day which is also helpful.

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