26 June 2020
Chef Profiles

Matilda Carr “by Matilda” – 25 June 2020

“Yes very fresh! My Instagram is @_by_matilda – there is a photo of the cornflowers you gave me I used to decorate on Monday if you want to see!
by Matilda



You are very welcome :)!

Were all the products looking fresh?

Also we love to receive any photos of what our products have been used for if you have any or will have some to send after the weekend?

Kind Regards,


Thank you for my samples! Love them
by Matilda


Hi Matilda,

The following note has been added to your order:

Thank you Matilda 🙂
Your tracking number for DHL is xxxxxxxx, please track it on their website by 2pm tomorrow & get in touch with them or us if there are any delays noted.
Best wishes,