15 August 2018
Chef Profiles

Poppy Sayers

Micro purple kale Cress used to garnish a bright summer dish

Nurtured in Norfolk are my edible flower producer of choice; the flowers I recieve are always incredibly accurate to my requests and deescriptions – the flowers are always perfectly picked, perfectly packaged and arrive to me in perfect condition; colourful and vibrant and smell sensational!

I try to use as much homegrown produce as possible in my baking, from home reared eggs, to homegrown raspberries, apples, sloe gin and elderflower, so be able to decorate my cakes in Nurtured in Norfolk’s homegrown edible flowers really is the cherry on top!

I am so pleased to have found Nurtured in Norfolk; their quality of service and produce astounds me!

Connect with Poppy and discover more of her work at @thehazleburykitchen