Chard Rhubarb Micro Cress

Chard Rhubarb Micro Cress

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Taste: Rhubarb Chard micro cress has smooth stems and a crunchy texture to its edible leaves. The taste is rich and earthy with a fresh savoury goodness. The blend of mild, earthy and subtly sweet flavours of beetroot and spinach, makes this garnish a success every time.

Uses: Rhubarb Chard micro cress had an earthy and a subtle sweet and nutty flavour, which is mostly favoured as a fresh edible garnish on savoury culinary dishes. Ruby Chard is commonly used raw, to showcase the greens unique and vibrant colouring. For example, toss into salads or stir into protein, grain or green bowls for its beneficial nutritional elements. Micro chard is known to be very popular is Mediterranean cuisine, due to its rich and fresh savoury goodness. Specialty Produce suggests to sprinkle over plant based dishes, mix into pasta, use as a pizza topping or stir into creamy dips. In addition, Micro Rhubarb Chard is well suited with other ingredient such as cheeses, meats and salad dressings. Due to it's tart flavour profile, this microgreen is typically combined with a variety of sweet desserts.

Health Benefits: -

Green, Red
May Contain Celery/Mustard
Country Of Origin
United Kingdom
Seasonal Availability
Year Round
Shelf Life
5 Days
Keep Refrigerated

Chard Rhubarb Micro Cress


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