12 January 2023

Decorating Cakes With Edible Flowers

Pressed Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers have become one of the hottest trends when it comes to cake decorating. We’re always blown away by what our customers create with our Flowers!

Whether you prefer to use Fresh, Pressed or Dried Edible Flowers, we’re here to give you all of the information that you’ll need when decorating your bakes with our products.


Fresh Edible Flower Cake Fresh Edible Flower Cake Created By @emilyjanecakes On Instagram

How should you store our Fresh Edible Flowers?

 Firstly, storage is key! Storage is a factor that will quite literally make or break our produce. If stored incorrectly, your Nurtured in Norfolk goodies will deteriorate far quicker than they should.

Once your order has arrived, the fresh produce needs to be kept refrigerated to preserve their freshness. Refrigerating our Fresh Edible Flowers slows down their metabolism rate, meaning that they wilt much slower than if they were to be kept at room temperature for a prolonged period. Please note that our Fresh Edible Flowers don’t respond well to a large temperature jump. During slightly warmer weather it is best to let our Fresh Flowers sit in a fridge with their lid open, until they’ve met the same temperature as the fridge. Once our Flowers have cooled down enough, their lid can then be shut.

By following these steps your edible flowers will be much more likely to live up to their 5-day shelf life.

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Pressed Edible Flowers Our Pressed Edible Flower Mix For Cakes


How should you store your Pressed Edible Flowers?

Our Pressed Edible Flowers have an entirely different storage process due to the way that they’ve been preserved. Our pressing process does ultimately increase their shelf life. Our Pressed Flowers have a 6-month shelf life which can be sustained by following our storage instructions. Our Pressed & Dried edible flowers need to be kept out of direct sunlight and at room temperature.

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How many packets of Pressed Edible Flowers will you need to decorate your cake?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. So, we’ve completed some research to help to you whilst placing your orders. Whether you’re creating a wedding cake, celebration cake or even just making a cake because you feel like it…we’ve got some examples to give you an idea of how many flowers you need to make your chosen design.

Pressed Edible Flower Cake Pressed Edible Flower Cake by @rubyandpearlcakeart

Pressed Edible Flower Cake

Here is a stunning wedding cake that @rubyandpearlcakeart created. We would describe this cake as ‘full coverage’. It’s beautifully decorated with a variety of Pressed Edible Flowers & Leaves too. This is a very popular design and we can see why!

The Tiers on this wedding cake are 8”/6”/4”. As this cake is quite large with full coverage, @rubyandpearlcakeart purchased 8 packets of Pressed Edible Flowers and used almost all of them.

We would advise ordering slightly more Pressed Flowers than you think you will need, as this allows room for mistakes or experimenting with a new design.

Edible Pressed Flower Cake by @livbakes_

Limited Coverage Cake

This simplistic yet beautiful cake was designed by @livbakes. This a 6” wide cake and is what we would describe as a ‘limited coverage’ cake. @livbakes purchased 4 packets of Edible Pressed Flowers and used a mixture of all 4 of them to decorate this elegant cake.

There were some Edible Flowers left over after finishing this celebration cake, so they were used to decorate 12 cupcakes as well. Each cupcake had 2-3 Pressed Flowers placed atop of them to decorate.

Fresh Edible Flower Cake Edible Fresh Flower Cake by @emilyjanecakes

Fresh Edible Flower Cake

@emilyjanecakes made this fabulous bake and used our Edible Fresh Flowers to decorate it. This is a 4 tier cake and very eye-catching too! Emily purchased 4 of our Fresh Flower mixes.

This included:

-2 x Fresh Edible Flowers For Cakes

-1 x Nasturtium Fresh Edible Leaves

1 x Peruvian Marigold Fresh Edible Leaves

Emily said that this amount of Edible Flowers was ample coverage for her chosen design.


Pressed Edible Flowers

Pressed Edible Flower & Leaf Mix

If you’re a baker/cake decorator and you’d like a selection of Edible Pressed Flowers & Leaves, then our Edible Flower & Leaf Pressed Mix is just what you need! This Flower Mix contains a selection of our best Pressed Flowers and leaves that are available on the day.

Alternatively, if you’d like specific varieties of Flowers/Leaves, there is a ‘create your own’ option. This allows you to choose what you’d like in your flower mix or you can choose a colour theme. The Edible Flowers in this mix can be used whole, or the petals can be pulled apart and sprinkled atop of celebration cakes.

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Pressed Edible Flower Cake Pressed Edible Flower Cake by @tamsinpearson

Medium Coverage Edible Pressed Flower Cake

This beautifully designed wedding cake was made by @cakesbytamsinpearson. This consists of 3 tiers which are 9”/7”/5”. Tamsin used 7 packets of Pressed Flowers to decorate this cake.

This included:

-2 x Pressed Edible Flowers & Leaves Mix

-2 x Pressed Edible Pansies

1 x Pressed Edible Mint Flowers

1 x Pressed Lavender

1 x Pressed Edible Flower Mix

Pressed Edible Flower Cake Pressed Edible Flower Cake Made by @flourandfold

At What Point Should I Decorate My Cake with Pressed Edible Flowers?

We frequently receive questions similar to this, so we’ve competed some research into it. Jess, an award winning baker for her bespoke luxury cakes, told us that she usually decorates her luxury cakes the day prior to the event. Jess refrigerates her cakes once decorated.

Jess also uses edible glue to stick our pressed edible flowers into position, atop of a ganache base. Alternatively, when Jess uses a buttercream base, our pressed flowers can be stuck directly onto it, if it was freshly applied.

Be Sure to check out flourandfold on Instagram for lots of amazing bakes!

If you have any queries on using our Edible Flowers, please pop us a message on Instagram or at info@nurturedinnorfolk.co.uk! Please be sure to tag us in on all of your incredible baking creations!