Mizuna Micro Cress (Water Greens)

Mizuna Micro Cress (Water Greens)

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Taste: The micro leaves of Mizuna are a pale green colour and possess a crisp and succulent texture. Mizuna micro cress is mild and tangy, and can be described as bitter-sweet. It also has subtle notes of pepper and mustard and can be characterised as spicy, with a subtle earthiness.

Uses: Mizuna micro cress is also know as Water Greens and is best used as a raw garnish for savoury dishes. If using on a hot dish, it is best to use Micro Mizuna as a garnish right at the end, to ensure the micro cress doesn't wilt. Alternatively, Mizuna micro cress can be used in salads. It is popular to mix Micro Water Greens with other sharp salad leaves. Or, try sprinkling over soups and stews, cheese platters, roasted meats, pasta or risotto. Furthermore, as a Japanese Mustard Cress, this micro green is very popular in Asian cuisine. The greens can be used to garnish sushi, steamed rice and Asian vegetable side dishes. Known for it's peppery taste, this snappy taste of the micro herb also works well when sprinkled on canapés.

Health Benefits: -

Contains: Mustard, May Contain: Celery
Country Of Origin
United Kingdom, Israel
Seasonal Availability
Year Round
Shelf Life
5 Days
Keep Refrigerated

Mizuna Micro Cress (Water Greens)


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