Parsley (Curly Leaf) Bunched Herb

Parsley (Curly Leaf) Bunched Herb

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Taste: Curly Parsley has a fresh, green aroma and flavour that is a combination of citrus, clove, and nutmeg. But, the taste of this particular herb is much stronger than flat parsley and is described as much more bitter. It's said that the parsley stem holds a stronger taste than the leaf, creating a unique flavour profile.

Uses: Add freshly chopped Curly Leaf Parsley to potato salads and coleslaws, green and grain salads. This bunched herb adds a fresh flavour to tomato sauces and salad dressings. Furthermore, It is best used as herbed marinades for meats, such as fish or chicken. Also, Curly Parsley will lighten the intensity of any garlic dish, or the overpowering aromas of a fish in a dish. Did you know that chewing this herb after a meal can help freshen breath, and is a great palette cleanser in between courses. Although, primarily this herb is a decorative garnish on dishes such as like soups, roasts, and cheese or charcuterie platters. It makes for a pleasant visual effect on a range of savoury culinary preparations.

Health Benefits: -

No allergens recognised
Country Of Origin
United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa
Seasonal Availability
Year Round
Shelf Life
5 Days
Keep at Room Tempurature
100g, 50g

Parsley (Curly Leaf) Bunched Herb


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