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Our selection of culinary herb powders will bring personality and colour to your dishes. All our dusting powders are 100% natural and add flavour to your food with minimum effort. Ranging from Calendula edible flowers to Lemon Verbena herb powder. Shop our full range of Dusting Herb Powders direct from Nurtured in Norfolk.
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  • While fresh bunched herbs add bright flavours and colour to many dishes, and some are simply irreplaceable, some meals taste better with dried herbs. Spruce Eats suggests that of you’re making a sauce, stew or soup that will bubble away on the stove or in the over for more than a few minutes, our dusting powders can add a nice flavour. Herbs such as Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary, Bay Leaf and Fennel are pungent in both flavour aroma and when used as powders.

    Our Edible Flowers Dusting Powders can be used as a garnish on a variety of dishes and drinks. For example, try adding Calendula or Rose Edible Flower Dust to the rim of a glass, for a unique spin on traditional cocktails.