Buy Fresh Edible Flowers Online

Edible Flowers add vibrant colours and delicate floral notes to a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. Some edible flowers are delicate and fragrant, whereas other have a bit more bite to them. Shop our full range of fresh edible flowers direct from Nurtured in Norfolk.
More Information
  • Browse our edible flowers to bring a natural and plant-based finish to a variety of popular foods and drinks. We grow a range of flowers, from vibrant red Roses and Apple Blossom to Nasturtium flowers, with spicy and peppery flavoured petals.

    We only pick the best flowers, which are mostly available all year round. Edible flowers are naturally vegan, gluten free and contain no preservatives or additives. Just the pure natural beauty of the flower.

  • The edible flowers Nurtured in Norfolk supply are not just a beautiful decoration for a dish in a chef’s restaurant. Chefs are using our hand grown plants, not only as a garnish, but now as an extra element of depth and flavour. Combining a mixture of colour, shape, texture, and flavour to enhance and elevate food.

    Bring unique flavours, colour, and texture to your table. Add the right flower to garnish your anniversary meal for two, wedding cake decoration, and birthday cocktails. Whether you need herbal flowers to give a particular homemade dish a certain kick, or perhaps to finish off your showstopper bake. You will find the perfect flower amongst our wide range of choices.

    So next time you think of adding a little something extra to a salad or meal. Don’t rule out adding edible flowers as another colourful and healthy dimension.