Queen's Platinum Jubilee Edible Flowers
27 May 2022
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The Queen’s Royal Jubilee Edible Flowers

Here at Nurtured in Norfolk we are celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee in Style. From edible flower wheels to union Jack inspired pressed flower mixes. We’ve got everything you need for your party food on the day.


In celebration of the Jubilee, we have 3 exciting new products being released! A union jack, colour themed edible flower wheel, a stunning pressed flower mix and a pressed viola mix. These are all made with red, white, and blue edible flowers, making them perfect for your royal themed baking ideas for the Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend.

Fresh Edible Flowers for theQueens Platinum Jubilee Fresh Edible Flowers for theQueens Platinum Jubilee

Jubilee Themed Edible Flower Wheel

Our Queen’s Jubilee Edible Flower Wheel is ideal for making your bakes and cakes come to life! All the edible flowers included in the selection wheel are vibrant and contain lots of different sizes and shapes. So, if you ate looking for a delicate garnish to decorate your yummy treats with, then this is the mix for you. Although our Flower Wheel is not just for sweet treats. It can also be used to garnish your street food grazing tables and cocktails. In addition, try to create your very own edible flower Union Jack ice cubes, for a unique spin on traditional cocktails.

Available to shop here.

Pressed Viola edible flower mix Queen's Jubilee Pressed Viola Edible Flowers

Jubilee Pressed Edible Viola Mix

Our Union Jack pressed viola mix is perfect for all your smaller food creations, such as canapés and shortbread. Viola flowers are bold in colour as well as beauty. Let’s not forget about their 6-month shelf life, so if you don’t use the whole packet, there’s no need to worry. Just pop them pack into the packet and use to decorate your next baked treats or float atop your summer cocktail.

Available to shop here.

Pressed Jubilee Edible Flowers Queen's Jubilee Pressed Edible Flowers

Pressed Edible Flower Mix

Our pressed edible flower mix for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is the perfect decoration if you are looking for a longer shelf life. They can be used to decorate any of your sweet treats and adds a very sophisticated look to a range of different foods. Lots of bakers use our pressed edible flower mixes on things such as brownies, cupcakes, cocktails, or to decorate and garnish a plate. The possibilities are endless really!

Available to shop here.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee BBQ Mix Queen's Platinum Jubilee BBQ Mix


Lastly, we are releasing our annual BBQ mix in time for Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend, taking place from 2nd to 5th June. This citrus summery mix can be used on a range of sweet and savoury culinary preparations, as well as for use in drinks. For example, the herbs in the mix can be used to make savoury sauces, marinades and pestos. Which can then be drizzled on BBQ meats and main dishes. Perfect for adding an array of flavour to your food on the day! Alternatively, the herbs may be used to flavour ice creams, sorbets or even drinks. There’s a wide range of food that this mix can be incorporated into. The larger edible flowers in the mix can be floated atop main platters, or jugs of punch – to really show everyone that you mean business this year! Additionally, smaller edible flowers can be used on individual plates or in salads, this will really make your food stand out from the crowd!

Available to shop here.

History of our Majesty, The Queen

Queen Elizabeth standing proudly in her ATS uniform.

Let’s talk about our amazing Monarch. Queen Elizabeth 2nd was born on the 21st of April 1926. She is the longest reigning monarch in British history and is celebrating 70 years as the Queen of England – this 3rd of June! I’m sure that you’ll all be glad to know that an extended bank holiday has been put in place for this celebration. Will that be used for extra sleep? Or an excuse to go wild for the weekend? Whichever one it is, we hope it involves lots of good treats!

Queen Elizabeth played a huge part in boosting morale during WW2. Not only that, but she also joined the women’s branch of the British army at age 18. Elizabeth began training as a mechanic and undertook a driving and vehicle maintenance course and qualified on April 14th, 1945. Queen Elizabeth did all of this by her own accord, not because she was asked to. This shows what a brave leader she has been for our country and the lengths she has gone to in order to protect it.


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip looking lovingly at each other.

Our Queen is a truly remarkable women and took the throne at only 25 years old. She had her beloved, Prince Phillip by her side throughout it all. Phillip and Elizabeth first crossed paths in 1934, when the queen was just 8 years old. Then five years later they met properly for the first time. It was said to be love at first sight – like something out of a fairy-tale. To truly started their fairy-tale life together, they got married on November 20th, 1947. A celebration that brought the nation together.

Queen Elizabeth’s family didn’t totally approve of her love for Prince Phillip. They did not approve of Phillip because of the poverty in his household. His family had been exiled from Greece and his family ‘felt too German’ to the Queens family. It wasn’t your typical marriage but in their case ‘love overruled everything! The pair were permitted to become engaged in July 1947.

The pairs wedding was a huge landmark moment in British history. After six years at war, the people in England needed a happy event to celebrate! It was broadcast on the radio and many other young women also chose to marry their beloved servicemen around this time too. They had waited for the conflict to end and then have a happy, loving marriage with their partners after an agonizing time apart. The Queen and Prince Phillip enjoyed their reception at Buckingham palace and had a nine-foot-high wedding cake! That sounds very good to me! The couple also waved to the audience afterwards from the famous balcony.

Queen Elizabeth and family, taken in 1968.

Prince Charles was their first child together and born on November 14th, 1948. He was born in Buckingham Palace. Elizabeth was said to be delighted by her first baby, but she was often absent due to travelling to be with Prince Phillip to where he had been posted to in the Navy. The couple were always very happy to see their children, and on their return, they would teach their children to shoot and to fish. The second born child was Princess Anne. Anne is an acclaimed equestrian and was named BBC Sports personality of the year in 1971. Princess Anne was only a young child when her parents used to leave home for long periods of time due to royal obligations. Princess Anne has dismissed any narrative that refers to her mother being distant or unloving. Anne explains her mother to be loving and “not for a second thought she didn’t care for us in exactly the same wat as any other mother did”. I can only imagine how challenging it must’ve been to be away from your children for such long periods of time. Queen Elizabeth did her country proud in every decision made!

Prince Andrew was their 3rd child, and he was born an entire decade after welcoming Princess Anne into the world. The Queen took upwards of 18 months to “produce and enjoy” Andrew and Edward. Andrew was home schooled until age 8 and the attended a boarding school in Scotland for the rest of his education. Finally, we have Prince Edward. His delivery had a major break in tradition and Prince Phillip was allowed into the delivery room!  Prince Phillip was said to be “holding his wife’s hand the whole time”. That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! Edward likes staying out of the spotlight as much as possible and has a great interest in the arts.

Queen Elizabeth enjoying spending time around nature and flowers.

Queen Elizabeth has many hobbies and one of them is gardening. It is a recently found hobby which she took up at the age of 91! Reports said the at the time of the garden renovation at Windsor castle, the Queen was dazzled by the art of gardening and has loved it ever since. Another love that our Queen has, is for horses. She has been riding horses since a very young age and uses the activity to relive her stress and have a little fun. Which we all need from time to time!

A slightly stranger fact about the Queen is that she is the only person allowed to drive without a drivers’ licence! So, that means she doesn’t need to partake in a theory test, or a practical driving test.

Her majesty is well known for her love of burgers. She likes them served without the bun and eaten with a knife and fork. So why not cook some burgers up on the BBQ for the jubilee celebration? I’m sure that the Queen would be delighted for you all to be eating her favourite foods on this very special day! Our BBQ herb mix is here to help you, the neighbours will be straight round – wondering what that delectable smell is. So, make this platinum jubilee one to remember and celebrate our amazing monarch with lots of amazing food, drink, parties, and laughter.


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