6 February 2017

Valentine’s Menu Guide

Planning to cook for someone special this Valentine’s Day?

Shop Nurtured in Norfolk’s Valentine’s Day edibles for him, her, best friends, and even your mum. There’s something for everyone’s tastebuds in our ultimate menu guide.


Our valentine’s selection wheel is a collection of varied sized flowers, leaves & micro cress that are the very best of what is available on the day. A selection of flavoured produce which are perfect for garnishing cakes, dishes, desserts or floating in your beverages.
Add beautiful colour and delicate flavour to high-end composed dishes or offer an easy way to enhance simple dishes, use your imagination and enjoy serving exquisite food the February 14th.


If your talents aren’t in baking but are best suited for savoury, our Red Amaranth micro cress is perfect for any raw preparations, specifically as a garnish, to add a punch of red colour. Red Amaranth has a mild earthy flavour that is reminiscent of a beet but with a delicate sweet grassy finish.


Celebrate the holiday by serving Roses which are ideal for use as decoration on special occasion cakes and as a garnish when plating those all so yummy desserts. The Rose brings out an intense floral flavour and aroma to all your ways of baking.


Wanting to create a relaxing atmosphere for your loved one? Look no further, our Amaranth Pom Pom Flower has a sweet, mellow and refreshing taste with a pure, fresh and subtle elegant fragrance. In foods, the Amaranth Pom Pom is used as an herbal tea which has a huge range of benefits to your health. Containing high amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, date night doesn’t get easier than this!


Also known as the ‘love plant’, Butterfly Sorrel’s delicate texture adds brilliant colour which offers contrast and a bright lemony flavour too plates. When used as a garnish, gently pull the leaves from the stem to create your very own butterfly character dish. These leaves are also available in our micro range too!


Apple Blossom has a highly aromatic taste, very much like apple with hints of a honeysuckle quality and a delicate texture. Resembling a heart shape these edible flowers make the perfect visual garnish with their attractive and elegant appearance. Apple Blossom’s sweet flavour also complements an array of desserts for your loved one to indulgence in on Valentine’s Day.


Our Pineapple Sage Flowers are nectar-rich, decorative and bursting with notes of citrus and mint. Use Pineapple Sage in beverages, cooking, baking and preparing. These edibles can also be steeped in hot water to make an herbal tea perfect for a romantic move marathon.


Bull’s Blood is tender and sweet with a distinct beet-like flavour. Bull’s Blood is usually suited for savoury dishes, but can complement some sweet flavour as well for extra kisses.


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