21 February 2019
Chef Profiles

Yui Miles

“Hi every one! My name is Yui Miles.

I come from a strong Thai family where cooking and eating have always been a focal point of family life. My parents had always cooked traditional Thai and Chinese dishes throughout my childhood which I helped prepare and cook from a young age.

When I got married and moved to the uk in 2001, I began to learn to cook more western and British food which I mainly taught myself through cookery books adding my own Asian twist. I have always loved to cook learning many Asian dishes from a young age. As I have got older I have found that I have become more creative taking inspiration from many different cultures.

I hope I can inspire you as I have been inspired to explore a variety of wonderful range of dishes that you can create in your kitchen.”

Connect with Yui and discover more of her work @yui_foodfromtheheart