8 September 2020
Nurtured News

Edible Flowers Five Ways!

Edible flowers adorn so many lavish bakes, wedding cakes, cocktails and biscuits. They fill dishes with a fresh aroma and delicate petals. However, they can be enjoyed far beyond the fresh cut. Although popular and totally stunning fresh, we have 5 ideas for how else to use edible flowers beyond their fresh bud.

1. Ice Cubes

If you’ve over ordered on your flowers, or want to add that extra interest to your cool drinks, flower cubes are the way to go! Simply place your edible flowers of choice, or individual petals, in your ice cube trays, fill, and freeze! Rowan and Briony Blossom give the perfect tutorial on their IGTV.

2. Pressed

Pressed Violas and Pansies are new to our range here at Nurtured, and they’ve proved incredibly popular! We envisaged these atop brownie bars, chocolate slabs, shortbread and buttercream cakes.

3. Crystallised

Crystallised flowers add an extra dimension to lots of cakes and sweet treats. You can crystallise edible flowers very easily using caster sugar, egg whites and your favourite blooms. We recommend Dianthus, Violas and Roses for this one! You can follow @the_cake_pixie’s How To on our blog page.

4. Confetti

We love edible flowers whole, but also ripped apart! If you like the look of dried flowers, but prefer them fresh, we recommend pulling the petals from the flowers and sprinkling them on cakes, bakes, and savoury canapés. You can use just one flower to keep with a colour scheme, or you can use a few different flowers and mix the colours. We love Great British Bake Off’s James Hillery’s Orange Polenta Cake with Calendula petals.

5. Lollypops

The perfect sweet treat that lets the flowers beauty do all the talking! Clear sugar lollypops are a fantastic way to showcase your favourite edible flowers. You can make lollypops using just sugar, water and a sugar syrup! We love a little viola as the star, but you can also use dried flowers or a mixture of fresh petals. We’ve found a brilliant sherbet lolly recipe from the Meringue Girls here.

edible flower sugar lollies
Meringue Girls Sherbet Lollies with Violas. Ref: The Telegraph