Dill Bunched Herb

Dill Bunched Herb

Buy fresh DillĀ bunched herbs from our farm in Norfolk. Let your ideas become your favourite creations and tag us in your images so we know you have stopped by. Did you know? In Latin, Dill herb is known as Anethum graveolens.

Taste: Known it's for a sweet, fresh and grassy taste. The flavour is likened to the combination of anise (liquorice flavour), parsley, and celery with a mild lemon finish. Must be delicately used like chervil as it can make or break a dish.

Uses: Dill is a versatile herb, used in fresh and cooked preparations, or as a garnish. Use in a cream or wine-based sauces, pair with yogurt, cucumbers, lentils, tomatoes, dried fruit, seafood, poultry and noodles. Also, it's a key ingredient in homemade dressings, such as ranch. This herb has a strong, distinct flavour that can overwhelm other flavours.So we suggest to use it sparingly. As, due to it's unique taste a little goes along way with this bunched herb. Moreover, even a small spring of this herb will add a noticeable aroma to your dish, and this makes it a fantastic garnish. Beware that dill will lose it's flavour the longer it's cooked, it's best to add it at the last minute.

Health Benefits: -

No allergens recognised
Country Of Origin
United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa
Seasonal Availability
Year Round
Shelf Life
5 Days
Keep at Room Tempurature
50g Bunched, 100g Bunched

Dill Bunched Herb



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