Peppermint Herb Powder (Dust)

Peppermint Herb Powder (Dust)

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Taste: The flavour of our Peppermint herb dusting powder is very similar to the strong of spearmint. But with a much stronger flavour and aroma due to the menthol ingredient.

Uses: Mix Peppermint powder into refreshingly fruity drinks or stir into herbal tea blends. In addition, add Peppermint Powder to cocktails or liquors for a refreshing herbal flavour. Our dusting powders are even perfect for adding into ice cream to give it a refreshing taste and aroma. Ground Peppermint can also be used in homemade toothpastes, for that true spearmint aftertaste. Try adding a minty zing to your plate with mint pesto, salad dressings and mint chocolate desserts. Peppermint herb powder is the perfect ground powder to add something unique to your culinary experience. Mint powder can be used in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. Taraladalal suggests to use pair the dried mint with ingredients such as mint and coriander chutney, meat, fish, poultry and biryanis.

Health Benefits: -

Contains Celery/Mustard
Country Of Origin
United Kingdom
Shelf Life
6 months
Keep at Room Temperature

Peppermint Herb Powder (Dust)


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