Peppermint Bunched Herb

Peppermint Bunched Herb

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Taste: This bunched herb is strong in flavour with notes of spice and citrus, complimented by lavender undertones. Often thought to be sweet with a cooling after taste, caused by the presence of menthol in this herb. It's this peppermint flavour you'll be familiar with from candy canes. This mint is known for being much sweeter than other mints such as spearmint.

Uses: Bunched Peppermint can be a versatile culinary herb. A classic garnish for summer drinks, ice creams and desserts. You can also add Peppermint Tips to your summer cocktails, teas and punch. Furthermore, add chopped mint leaves to brownie batter for a minty chocolate brownie. Alternatively using the herb in your salad dressing, which can add a menthol fresh feel to the dressing. For savoury culinary creations add bunched peppermint herb to stir-fries, pesto, or pasta. Our favourite savoury use is with lamb chops, the mint can be used to marinate the lamp chops alongside greek yogurt, red onion and salt.

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Peppermint Bunched Herb


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