11 April 2022

Top 3 Sea Veg superfoods to use in cooking

Sea Veg Platter

Let’s start with what is a Sea Vegetable? A Sea Veg is a plant or algae food that grows near or in the ocean. Sea Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, making them very nutritious and therefore an incredible superfood. Not only are these veggies good for your body, they’re eco-friendly and sustainable as they get everything they need from the water around them. You might be thinking, how can I add them to my diet? It’s easy, add them into soups, smoothies, salads or stir-fries. These greens are rich in Iodine, giving your metabolism the boost it needs! In addition, the minerals that are naturally found in the ocean provide the body with a good source of antioxidants.

Sea Beet Sea Veg

Sea Beet

Also known as Wild Spinach, Sea Beet has a similar taste to that of Spinach, it’s earthy and salty. If you’re wanting to get the most out of your Sea Beet, lightly boil, steam or blanch it as the salty taste is at its strongest when lightly cooked. Saying that, Sea Beet can be eaten raw! Mix it into salads, soups or use as a garnish over seafood dishes to intensify the flavour. It’s best served with fish but also pairs well with chicken and game. The good thing about Sea Beet leaves is that they hold their texture, they don’t wilt when boiled.


Sea Fennel on rocks Sea Fennel Sea Veg

Sea Fennel

Sea Fennel or Rock Samphire grows along the coast and is packed with vitamins! Eat the leaves and stalks raw or add them to salads and soups to give texture and a crunch. Sea Fennel is more aromatic when lightly crushed and is salty in flavour. Despite its powerful salty aroma and taste, Sea Fennel has a flavouring of Carrot and Parsley so it’s a perfect addition to salads. You can also boil or steam this sea veg, due to its likeness to asparagus. Its salty and vegetal taste makes it the prefect accompaniment to dishes that include eggs and fish.

Salicornia Sea Veg in rocks and shells Salicornia Sea Veg


Salicornia, also know as Samphire or asparagus of the sea, is a succulent that grows in dense bushes and marshes along the coastal waters. It’s best served raw or lightly blanched with the flavour turning more mild once it is is cooked. The stalks are crispy, crunchy and have a strong salty flavour. All of our Sea Vegetables can be added to seafood dishes to intensify the salty aroma and taste. However, they can also be used as an appetiser, within a stir-fry or a canapé.