11 February 2017

Vegan Valentines Menu

Valentine’s Day is a time to show that special someone in your life how much you care, and what expresses that more than a well planned, elegant dinner for two?

It is suggested that if you are setting the mood for love, that you should keep the meal light, the portions small, and surround yourself with scented flowers and candles. Nurtured in Norfolk have collaborated with the very talented Vegan Leanne to create a vegan valentines themed menu for all of you to follow this February 14th.

Set the mood, plan your dinner and tell one you love them with our easy to cook 3 course menu.


Beetroot Hummus

This visually astonishing hummus is simple to make. The earthy beet flavours work brilliantly with something a little tangy and fruity. Try edible flowers like apple blossom or maybe dress leaves with a raspberry balsamic dressing. This recipe was developed as part of a valentines themed menu using beautiful leaves and edible flowers from our valentines range.




Vegan Quiche with Red Amaranth Micro Cress

This makes a great main course served with some additional veggie. Tenderstem broccoli would be lovely. Using Red Amaranth cress and our beautiful pom-poms to serve. The lovely edible flowers and leaves were from our valentines range.




White Chocolate, Rose and Cardamom Mousse

This recipe does work with vegan white chocolate however it is a lot harder to manage than dark chocolate. If you want to reduce chances of the chocolate seizing, and a firmer result, I’d recommend using dark chocolate and adding 1tbsp caster sugar to the aquafaba when whisked to soft peaks stage. White chocolate will seize and ruin so fast and easy if it comes in contact with any water based liquid (including the steam you are using to melt it with). I liked the idea of a white chocolate mousse but it did take 3 attempts to get it right!! The recipe is part of a valentines themed menu along with beetroot hummus and a vegan quiche. This is easy to make the day before you want to eat it so reduces effort of you are having a dinner party or a special meal.

The beautiful edible flowers that make this indulgent menu so appealing visually and add interesting and delicate flavours are from our valentines range.



Vegan Leanne

www.veganleanne.com | @veganleanne