6 November 2023

Dried Edible Flowers

Dried Edible Flowers

Dried Edible Flowers are becoming more and more popular in the cake decorating world!

From wedding cakes and cupcakes to cakesicles & cookies, our dried flowers can be used in a variety of ways.


Dried Edible Flowers For Cakes Mix Dried Edible Flowers For Cakes Mix

How it all began

Throughout a turbulent 2020, when covid struck, and the hospitality industries were forced to close, we were left with greenhouses full of edible flowers and nowhere for them to go. We had to think of a way to try to prevent letting our flowers go to waste…and this is when our dried and preserved flower range was created. Ever since then, our dried and preserved range has been constantly expanding, with new varieties of flowers being added frequently.

pink dried cornflowers edible flowers Dried Pink & White Edible Cornflowers

The Range

Our dried flower range consists of 13 different varieties of flowers, so you won’t fail to find a flower that matches your special occasion. Our range includes Amaranth Pom Poms, Calendula Flowers, Cornflowers, Violas, Dahlias, Everlasting Flowers, Lavender, Lavender Petals, Rose Buds, Rose Petals, Sunflower Petals, Tagetes & a Dried Flower Mix.

Our dried edible flowers have a much milder flavour than their fresh counterpart, which is useful when you don’t want to alter the flavour of your baking creation.

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3g vs 10g packets of dried edible flowers The quantity of dried edible flowers that you receive per 3g (left) and 10g (right)

What is the difference between Dried Edible Flowers & Pressed Edible Flowers?

Pressed edible flowers are the whole flower head, which are often placed gently onto cakes & baking creations. Whereas dried edible flowers are mainly just the flower petals with the exception of amaranth pom poms, everlasting dried flowers & Rose Buds. Our dried flowers can be used to decorate both, sweet and savoury dishes and are often sprinkled atop of culinary creations, similarly to confetti. One question that we’re frequently asked is, “how many dried flowers do I get in a packet?” With the help of our lovely team, we’ve taken some images that show the size difference between our 3g and 10g weight options. See left for the images .

Dried Edible Calendula Petals

Some of the Dried Edible Flowers That We Have Available


Calendula Dried Flowers are used for their flavour and pigment. Also, their bright orange pigment makes them a perfect decorative petal for many occasions, not only for birthdays but for festivities like Halloween and Easter. Calendula dried flowers come in hues of yellow and orange and have petals similar to that of a daisy. The dried petals have a mild honey and warm spiced aroma with nutmeg undertones. They have a flavour that ranges from spicy to bitter and tangy to peppery. The flavours are still light in comparison to the fresh flower, allowing for decorative use of the petals that won’t disrupt the flavour of the cake.

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mixed dried amaranth edible flowers Dried Amaranth Pom Poms

Amaranth Pom Poms:

These dried edible flowers are well suited for savoury dishes but can complement some sweet flavours as well. Dried Amaranth Pom Poms are intended for raw preparations, specifically as a garnish, to add a punch of colour. Often, Globe Amaranth dried flowers are used on larger celebration cakes, with a selection of other edible flowers. Globe amaranth flowers have a sweet, refreshing, and fragrant taste, making them the perfect addition for floral cocktails & sweet desserts.

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lavender Dried lavender Edible Flowers

Lavender Dried Edible Flowers:

Use dried lavender edible flowers to garnish cocktails, sorbets or salads. You could even add dried lavender flowers to shortbread for a twist on the traditional recipe. Dried Flowers are a great addition when crushed or chopped for marinades, buttercream, and sauces. Infuse vegetable stock with lavender to create a tasty sauce for duck, chicken or lamb. In addition, you could try them steeped into hot tea.

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Dried Sunflower Edible Flowers Dried Edible Sunflower Petals

Sunflower Dried Edible Flowers

Dried Sunflower edible flowers have a bittersweet and nutty flavour. The scent and flavour of the flowers have floral undertones. Dried edible sunflower petals can be used as a garnish or flavouring for a variety of dishes and drinks. Most commonly, edible sunflowers are used as a drink garnish. The dried petals can be decorated around the rim of a glass of summer punch or festive cocktails. The petals can also be used on their own. For example, the petals can be individually floated on drinks, or pressed into brownie slabs and cookies. Along with cupcakes, drinks and desserts, our sunflower dried edible flowers can also be used to flavour soups and syrups or even frozen into ice cubes, be sure to add and freeze the water in stages, to avoid the flowers floating to the top.

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How To Store Our Dried Edible Flowers

Our dried flowers are a great choice if you’re looking for a product with a prolonged shelf life. Our whole range of dried flowers has a 6 month shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. Ensure that they are stored in a dry, ambient place, out of direct sunlight. This should ensure that they reach their 6-month shelf life.

Dried Edible Flower Cake Created by @cakedbyjessica on Instagram

How To Apply Our Dried Flowers To Your Cakes

Our dried flowers are frequently sprinkled atop of cakes and they can even be pushed into buttercream to decorate the sides of a cake. We advise decorating your cakes when the buttercream has been freshly applied, to ensure that the flower petals stick properly. Alternatively, edible glue could be used to attach the flowers.

How long before the event should I apply dried flowers to my cake?

This is a question that we are frequently asked by our customers. If you are decorating a buttercream cake, buttercream has a low moisture content, so therefore, our dried flowers should be okay for a few days if the cake is stored at room temperature. However, if the cake is stored in the fridge with our dried flowers on, we would not recommend storage for more than 2 days. This is because our dried flowers will rehydrate from the fridge itself.

Dried Edible Flower Cake



Miniature Cakes

These stunning little cakes were created by @octaviaalamb and they were decorated with our dried edible cornflowers, dried calendula & dried tagetes.

Granola garnished with dried edible flowers



Granola Bowl

Here is a unique granola bowl that @tassygoodall made. This bowl is made from Salted pecan, tahini and cacao granola, with poached rhubarb,  homemade yoghurt & a sprinkle of our dried edible flowers.

Cake Bombs Decorated With Dried Edible Flowers


Cake Bombs

Some beautiful cake bombs made by @peonycakes. These were decorated with our dried edible flowers for cakes mix & our pressed edible violas.

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If you do create any cakes using our dried edible flowers, then we’d love to see! Please send images to us via Instagram or to info@nurturedinnorfolk.co.uk. Alternatively, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.