Lemon Balm Bunched Herb (Melissa)

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Weight: 100g | 50g
Storage: Keep Refrigerated
Shelf Life: 5 Days


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Commonly used to infuse oils, teas, syrups and sauces, Bunched Lemon Balm may be prepared fresh, dried or crushed for rubs and dry seasoning. Pair the strong citrus flavour with more mild flavours such as seafood, honey, summer squash and cucumber. Lemon Balm is known to be a particularly good flavouring in cordials. Chop and stir in the fresh herb to give a brilliant lemony zest flavour to green and grain salads. In addition, it also works well as a substitute for lemon peel in sauces and soup recipes. Our favourite would be to use this herb in sugar cookies. This will produce a beautiful lemony biscuit crunch. Alternatively use this herb to make a homemade lemon balm vinegar, by combining it with apple cider. However, the most common use of Lemon Balm is in herbal teas.

Taste: When simply touched, pressed or bruised, Lemon Balm releases an intense lemon fragrance. Fresh leaves reveal a sweet lemon zest taste with a hint of mint, and a subtle sweet undertone. Dried Lemon Balm similarly holds all these flavours.
Allergens: No allergens recognised
Colour: Green
Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Country of Origin: Israel | South Africa | United Kingdom
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