2 July 2021
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The Best Edible Flowers and Herbs for your BBQ’s

Our Edible Flower and Herb BBQ Mix is back, and it feels like summer has finally arrived!

For National BBQ Week, we thought we’d share a few extra details about our colourful BBQ Mix, and how you can use it!

The box is packed full of herbs and summer edible flowers, including plenty of vibrant oranges and yellows! Our Flower Supervisor selects the best edible flowers and herbs available on the day. She is very partial to a Dahlia flower, so you’ll likely see one popped in the top of your box!

How can you use the BBQ Mix?
  • The Clue is in the Name – The BBQ Mix is perfect for BBQs! The selection of herbs in the mix can be used to make herby marinades. These marinades can then be used to glaze and flavour meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes. If you’re needing some inspiration for your BBQ marinades, head to our blog, ‘Herbs to Use and Recipes to Follow this BBQ Season‘.
  • Edible Flower Jelly – We think jelly and ice cream makes a great summer dessert! Although, to take this old classic up a notch, we recommend sprinkling edible flowers from the BBQ Mix into your jelly before allowing it to set.
  • Spicy Crab Rolls – In case you missed it, when our BBQ Mix was released, we teamed up with Recipe Developer and Content Creator Storm Ashdown, to show you how you can use our new mix. Storm created the most delicious Spicy Crab Rolls. She then decorated these with the vibrant edible flowers from our mix. To follow her recipe, head to our blog, ‘Spicy Crab Roll Recipe‘.
Keep it Fresh for BBQ Week
  • Ice Lollies and Ice Cubes – Floral ice cubes are always a winner, and the BBQ Mix is the perfect punnet to use to make them! With lots of different edible flowers in the punnet, no ice cube will be the same! You can mix and match the edible flowers from the punnet in your ice cubes, or you can pull the petals from the flowers and freeze them into the cubes. These ice cubes can then be used in water jugs to add pops of summer colour. Edible flower ice cubes are bound to impress your guests. But, if you want to go that step further, why not freeze the edible flowers (or even the herbs!) into sweet summer ice lollies. Rowan Blossom gave a demonstration with her sister Briony, last summer, for how you can create edible flower ice lollies. Check it out here.
  • Summer Cocktails – We believe no summer BBQ is complete without a summer cocktail (wouldn’t you agree!?)! And what better way to impress your guests than with some floral jugs of drink! Our Flower Supervisor specially selects vibrant summer blooms which can be used for summer drinks. The edible flowers from the BBQ Mix can be used whole and floated atop drinks. Or, if you prefer full flower coverage (we certainly do!), then we recommend pulling the petals from the flowers and using it like confetti! This makes the edible flowers go a little further too – so its a win win if you ask us!
  • Cocktail Stirrers – It’s not just edible flowers that can be used in summer cocktails and drinks! We love to use the herb sprigs within the box as cocktail stirrers. This adds a fragrant touch to drinks too, which we guarantee your guests won’t have seen yet!
Give the box a go for yourself and shop our Flower and Herb BBQ Mix here. But don’t forget to show us the final results of how you use the box! You can share photos, recipes and videos on Facebook and Instagram, as well as via our email, info@nurturedinnorfolk.co.uk. We can’t wait to see how you use the box. Happy BBQ Season!

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